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Hey all! I have decided to friends lock this shit down.

If you wish to read anything that I've written and/or my bizarre musings, please comment on this entry with a brief explanation and disregard any further instructions. I will then send you form 12B. Fill out both halves if you're an American citizen. If you're from outside of the United States, fill out the first half and then refer to form 13D. If you've ever paid taxes, eaten a chocolate bar or sneezed in the presence of a cat, you'll have to submit 23E as well. Those who have walked a rope bridge, put garlic salt on popcorn or worn leg warmers 'ironically' will need to see form 10 subsection raccoon.

If you like Joss Whedon's work, submit form 2B (if you make an exception for Dollhouse, please fill out 2B subsection meh and attach the required essay). If you like Supernatural, fill out form 5C. Dean Girls, Sam Girls and Cas Girls will have to fill out subsection bow legs, subsection moose and subsection eyeballs on fire, respectively, as well as check the agreement stating that they will not say anything about any of the writers hating Jensen. If you don't like Joss Whedon or Supernatural, pick up form 2A and fill out the subsections labeled go die in a fire and why the Hell are you here.

Fans of Breaking Bad, the collected works of Bryan Fuller and the Muppets are asked to attach smiley stickers to their applications. Fans of pie are requested to attach a gold star, unless their favorite pie involves meringue, in which case they should refer to 2A as described above. Please copy and paste a link to your resume or CV, as well as an essay describing your favorite shows, favorite characters on those favorite shows, shows that aren't your favorite but that you continue to watch anyway, favorite meal, least favorite meal, small animal of which you are the most afraid (those afraid of small creatures outside the animal kingdom should fill out form 14Z) and your idea of a perfect date.

Interviews will be held at my discretion. You will be required to fill out a legal disclaimer absolving me of all responsibility for any psychological trauma, erectile dysfunction, sinus infection or death that may occur during or as a result of the interview.

I look forward to becoming your bestest best friend,

- ghostyouknow27


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